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4 Ways To Keep Your Dog Active During Winter

We have a really fun and friendly one-eyed Shih Tzu named Dewey.

Well, Dewey loves going on walks. He can barely contain himself if you even mention the word "walk." If we're considering taking him out on one, we spell it so he doesn't get all worked up!

It has been a challenge though during this frigid winter to get out on a daily walk. No one, including Dewey, wants to go out for a walk when it's 4 degrees outside! But the little guy still needs an outlet for all that doggy energy. All dogs have some level of activity that they require to keep them happy and healthy. So if they can't get regular walks, they need some other form of exercise.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Have doggy play dates. Make sure you have enough room for the dogs to run around, chase each other and just generally have fun. We take Dewy to play with my brother's dog and it's a nonstop marathon of chasing around the house. Dewey leaves exhausted and we feel good that he had fun and got some exercise.
  • Play with your dog. It seems so obvious, but I know when we get busy this is something that can get pushed aside. But it's such an important part of having a healthy dog. Plus, it helps the two of you bond. And hey, you might even have some fun too! Dewey is particularly fond of chasing a tennis ball, so we roll one around the house and watch him run frantically for it.
  • Go to doggy daycare. If you have the financial means, this can be a great way to keep your dog active. A good doggy daycare facility will provide them with exercise throughout the day. Plus, you just feel good knowing your pup is being watched while you're at work.
  • Work on training. This is the perfect time to start teaching your dog to sit, stay, rollover or whatever else you want him or her to learn! Once they're trained (or if they already are) you can then start to play games that utilize their training. And believe me, you'll feel like the proudest pet parent on the planet when your dog start to listen to your commands!

You know your dog best, so takes cues from him or her and focus on activities they seem to really enjoy. You'll have a happy and active pup in no time.

Mr Woofles offers a nurturing environment and expert care with a strong focus on your dog’s individual happiness and overall wellbeing. Our daycare and boarding programs are focused on providing enrichment and enjoyment for your dogs in a healthy, safe and fun environment.

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