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7 tips for giving a good job interview

The most talented and skilled qualified job seekers are not exempt for job interview prep. You can never be “too ready”, as there is only one first impression. Even if your resume lags behind another in experience, you may be the pick if you come across confident, competent and friendly in your interview. The best professional resume attracts the hiring manager. Create you best resume using our Resume builder. Here are 7 tips to improve your performance.

Dress appropriately for the company in which you are applying

Be aware of the dress code in the company by simple observance, but dress in business attire when in doubt. It’s obvious, that you should be clean and well-groomed and not to assume a casual dress code.

Listen well, talk less

It’s crucial that you listen carefully! This means remaining present in the moment without letting your mind wander. If you’re an astute listener, you’ll be able to answer whatever questions you may be asked wisely. It also reveals that you are a good communicator, because listening is a skill that far too many people do not have. If we do not listen, our answers will likely be just ramblings. Show case about yourself your cv template word. Talking too much is a certain way to reveal your lack of confidence, preparedness, and will certainly make you a less likely candidate for the job.

Be confident, not arrogant

Yes, it’s important to be confident, but don’t be arrogant! There is a big difference! One is confident based on honest ability and skill level, talking just matter of fact. Whereas arrogance is really based on insecurity and plain cockiness–and it will certainly shine through whatever you say. It would be better to just be yourself, with the confidence that comes with the aptitude for the job you wish to attain.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Asking questions, first of all, proves to yourself and your hiring manager that you’ve been listening, and more importantly, it shows that you have an interest in the company. In addition to simply being perceived as an engaged interviewer, it helps you determine if the job you’re applying for is the right fit for you. Don’t allow yourself to answer “no” to the question of having any questions!

Be prepared to give succinct answers

It’s necessary to give concrete answers when asked behavior type questions. The hiring manager is looking for past examples of actions in specific instances and should be met with clarity and simply as possible without hem hawing or being vague. This is an opportunity for you to prove your skills and ability in handling often tricky situations. Check out the below video on “Most Common Job Interview Questions”

Improve nonverbal communication

When you arrive be sure to make eye contact and give a firm handshake. In your being “present” and engaged from the very beginning, you will be poised to receive whatever comes next. Show your best skills on the resume. Here you will get downloadable resume templates with sample data.

Don’t be desperate

Be free in your mind about whatever job you wish to apply for. If you are too attached to a specific job, it will certainly come out in your interview no matter how calm you try to appear. If you are seeking a job you are able and qualified to do and for the betterment of yourself, family, and society, surely it will present itself in time, so long as you are honest and hardworking. So, for this tip, you need to dig deep and let go, and then your confidence will be genuine!

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